Professional Answering Services

For you, in this impersonal age of voicemails and automated phone options, it is important that your callers are greeted by a live person. It’s a conscious decision that sets you apart from others and demonstrates that your callers hold a high value to your business. Professional Answering Service provides expert, live-person answering when you aren’t available - all the time, after-hours, or whenever you need it.

Did You Know?

  • People spend an average of 65 minutes a day on the phone
  • If a call goes unanswered you lose on average $2,268 per year based on a $189 transaction
  • 72% of callers won’t leave a voicemail
  • In 1923 hello Inc. was the first answering service.
  • 98% of people say bad call handling leaves a bad impression 69% of callers will never call back.
  • Businesses receive up to 80% of their incoming communication traffic via telephone.
  • 93% of businesses miss calls without an answering service.
  • By using a answering service your company will save up to $13,135.80 a year.